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The author at the opening of his unique motivational "Rockumentry" at The Barnyard. It played to a full house.

A Unique Motivational Talk

"Brilliant. I want to see it again"

Pat Ruthven, 24/7 Fin

"A mamouth motivational"

Juel Barnett, Intellectual Property Attorney

"This will absolutely rock you"

Dr David Clark, CEO Aurum Institute South Africa Region

"Truly engaging and enlightening"

George Nicholaou, Owner and Producer, Yo Studios

"A rocking start to our new year!"

Bill Marshall, Managing Director Syndicate Graphics

"The Fred Factor"

How can a 17 year old shy immigrant, fresh from Zanzibar arrive in London, a complete stranger and within 5 years, become one of the greatest vocalists and rock stars the world has ever known? It’s hard to believe, especially, when at first he couldn’t really sing or play the guitar.

Aubrey Malden, who studied with the then Farrouk Bulsara takes you through a mind-blowing case-history and motivational talk about the incredible transformation of Farrouk Bulsara into Freddie Mercury, the exceptional brains and motivational leader of the band Queen.

Using private video interviews with his friend Fred and glittering videos from live shows and interviews with Fred’s entourage, Aubrey shares with you eye-popping behind the scenes insights into how Fred took a band, who didn’t really want him, into the top slot in the world of rock.

Share the feelings and learn the secrets as Fred, through obsessive self-motivation and exceptional attention to detail transformed his own shy and, in Fred’s own words, “boring” personality into Freddie Mercury leader of Queen.

This is rare. It’s true. And it will rock you.

author, motivator and partner at The Forensic Marketing Company

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The Fred Factor
The Fred Factor

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